Android Oreo Apps Development Native

Learn all the new features to Android Oreo, like Adaptive Icons, Picture-in-Picture, Downloadable Fonts and Virtual Reality with Daydream. Dive into Augmented Reality with our ARCore section. Learn how to mix the physical and digital world through a user’s camera. Learn essential skills like Bluetooth, game development, and sending users notifications.

Kotlin is new programing language you can use in place of Java when making android apps. It’s gaining more and more support and is an essential skill as an Android developer.

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Available Modules

In-class and Online


Any graduate with prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript

Course Duration

50-55 hours of classroom session

Schedule 1

  • Introduction to Android Technology and Architecture
  • Android Studio basics
  • Android Project Structure explanation and emulator
  • About Android components and Building Blocks.
    • – Activities, Intents, ContentProviders, Receivers, and Services
  • Android Layouts and UI Controls.
    • -RelativeLayouts, Linear and Constraint Layouts
    • -TextView,Checkbox,EditText, RadioButton, FlowLayouts,ImageViews, Buttons
  • Appcompat views
  • Customizing the widget views

Schedule 2:

  • Activity LifeCycle
  • Android Samples Projects
  • Simple Registration and login app covers basic UI controls usage
  • Listview, RecyclerView with Adapters
  • Usage of Layouts in .xml UI design
  • Sample on Types OF Intents
    • -Implicit Intents (SMS intent, Email App intent, Browser intent, phone Call intent etc)
    • -Explicit Intents (custom intents)
  • Intro about Material design introduced UI components and coding
  • Ex: Cardview, Coordinatorlayout, FAB, AppCompat UI elements etc
  • Creating and using Resources (jpeg and vectors) for multiple resolutions
  • Constructing custom drawable views
  • Context menus, Options menu, and Popup Menus
  • Assignments

Schedule 3:

  • App on Fragments (Fragment lifecycle)
  • Fragments with tab Layouts
  • Storing and Retrieving data from the device
  • MultiThreading in Android and various ways
  • App on Google Maps
  • Location services
  • Google places APIs
  • Broadcast Receivers and Services Ex:SMS receiver (Telephony) etc
  • Content Providers
  • App with Rest API (Network calls) integration
  • JSON Parsers and with freeware API support
  • Volley Library for Network calls
  • Intent Services
  • Job Scheduling
  • Intro about Animations and Graphics (optional)
  • Assignments

Schedule 4:

  • Android Sample app about SQLite database
  • Material Design programming.
  • Activity transitions and drawable animations
  • Social Network Integrations like FaceBook and Google Logins
  • Firebase Notifications and Firebase Database
  • Library creation and export

Schedule 5: Coding apps with new Kotlin Language

  • Introduction to Kotlin
  • Comparison with Java
  • Way of Programming in Kotlin

Schedule 6:

  • Introduction to MVVM architecture and way of coding apps using MVVM

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