Android OREO with Introduction to Kotlin

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Course pre-requisites:

Anyone with good knowledge of high school level mathematics and statistics. Preferred to have knowledge of SQL

Available Modules

Available in-class on weekdays & weekends. Session also available online live training.

With Introduction to KOTLIN

Schedule 1 :

● Introduction to Android Technology and Architecture
● Android Studio basics
● Android Project Structure explanation and emulator
● About Android components and Building Blocks.
– Activities, Intents, ContentProviders, Receivers and Services
● Android Layouts and UI Controls.
-RelativeLayouts,Linear and Constraint Layouts -TextView,Checkbox,EditText,RadioButton,FlowLayouts,ImageViews,Buttons
● Appcompat views
● Customizing the widget views

Schedule 2:

● Activity LifeCycle
● Android Samples Projects:
● Simple Registration and login app covers basic UI controls usage.
● Listview,RecyclerView With Adapters
● Usage of Layouts in .xml ui design
● Sample on Types OF Intents
-Implicit Intents (SMS intent,Email App intent,Browser intent,phone Call intent etc) -Explicit Intents (custom intents)
● Intro about Material design introduced ui components and coding
Ex:Cardview, Coordinatorlayout ,FAB,AppCompat UI elements etc
● Creating and using Resources (jpeg and vectors) for multiple resolutions
● Constructing custom drawable views
● Context menus , Options menu and Popup Menus
● Assignments

Schedule 3

● App on Fragments (Fragment lifecycle)
● Fragments with tab Layouts
● Storing and Retreiving data from device
● MutliThreading in Android and various ways
● App on Google Maps
● Location services
● Google places apis
● Broadcast Receivers and Services Ex:SMS receiver (Telephony) etc
● Content Providers
● App with Rest API (Network calls) integration
● Json Parsers and with freeware api support
● Volley Library for Network calls
● Intent Services
● Job Scheduling
● Intro about Animations and Graphics (optional)
● Assignments

Schedule 4

● Android Sample app about SQLITE database
● Material Design programming .
● Activity transitions and drawable animations
● Social Network Integrations like FaceBook and Google Logins
● Firebase Notifications and Firebase Database
● Library creation and export

Schedule 5 – Coding apps with new Kotlin Language

● Introduction to Kotlin
● Comparision with Java
● Way of Programming in Kotlin

Schedule 6 – Intoduction to MVVM architecture and way of coding apps using MVVM

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