Big Data with Analytics

This course will help you be on top of Big Data processing technologies. Being a Big Data Architect with Skill Sigma will help you better understand and process data frameworks such as Cloudera Hadoop, Scala, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Machine Learning with Python.

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Course Includes

  • Cloudera Hadoop
  • Scala
  • Apache Spark
  • Core Python with PySpark
  • Machine Learning With Python

160 Course Hours

₹ 10 lacs - ₹ 16 lacs

Expected annual average salary as per industry standard.


Ideal for all graduates.

Cloudera Hadoop – 40 Hours
Intro. Big Data & Hadoop
Apache Hadoop   
Apache Hadoop Ecosystem   
Hadoop Core Components  
Hadoop Storage: HDFS
Hadoop Processing
MapReduce Framework
Cloudera’s Distribution Hadoop
CDH Architecture   
Hadoop Architecture and HDFS
HDFS Deployments: (HA) & Non-HA
HDFS (HA) Using (QJM)
Data Replication Rack-Awareness
HDFS Commands
HDFS Administration Commands
Hadoop MapReduce Framework
MapReduce Architecture
MapReduce Application Workflow
Data Locality Optimization in Hadoop
Resource Management Using YARN
YARN (MRv2) Architecture
MapReduce Vs Pig
Programming Structure in Pig
Hive Vs Pig
Hive Arch. & Components
Deep Dive in Hive
NOSQL Database Hbase
Apache Sqoop , Sqoop Syntax
Cloudera Impala
Impala with Hive, HDFS, HBase
Multinode-Hadoop Cluster Setup
Cluster Maintenance

Scala – 24 Hours
Functional Programing Paradigm
Introduction to Scala
Data Types and Control Structures
Functional Programming using Scala
Object Oriented Programming
Singletons and traits
Scala Indepth
Advanced Scala concepts
Extractors, Annotations & Parsing

Apache Spark – 16 Hours
Introduction to Big Data and Spark
Foundation to Spark
Working with Resilient Distributed DataSets (RDD)
Spark Eco-system – Spark Streaming & Spark SQL

Core Python with PySpark – 40 Hours
Installing Python
The Basics of Python
Program Flow Control in Python
Lists, Ranges & Tuples in Python
The Binary number system
Python Dictionaries and Sets
Input and output (I/O) in Python
Modules and Functions in Python
Object Oriented Python
Using Databases in Python
Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions

Machine Learning with Python – 40 Hours
Introduction of Data Science and Machine Learning
Introduction Python
Data Structure & Data Manipulation in Python
Statistics for Machine Learning
Simple Linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression
Polynomial Regression
Support Vector Regression (SVR)
Decision Tree Regression
Random Forest Regression
Logistic Regression
K-Nearest Neighbors (K-NN)
Support Vector Machine (SVM)
Naive Bayes
Decision Tree Classification
Random Forest Classification
K-Means, Hierarchical Clustering

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Course Includes

  • Cloudera Hadoop
  • Scala
  • Apache Spark
  • Core Python with PySpark
  • Machine Learning With Python

Become a Big Data Architect