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Top 4 Data Visualization tools

The Data Visualization market is driven by the ever-growing usage of cell phones, internet use, and the rise in cloud computing technologies and Internet of Things.

Data Visualization means to represent data in the form geographic maps, sparklines, infographics, heat maps, or measurable charts and the tools facilitate the visual representation of data.

We have shortlisted top 5 Data Visualization tools that are gaining market acknowledgment for their great presentation and convenience.


It is one of the most popular tools of Data Visualization that offers interactive visualization solutions from large, constantly-evolving datasets used for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and Big Data applications. With excellent visualization capabilities, Tableau is easy to use, supports connectivity with diverse data sources and is mobile responsive.

Google Charts

Coded with SVG and HTML5, Google Charts is a user-friendly platform. It provides zoom functionality, and other cross-platform compatibility with iOS, Android, and even the earlier versions of the Internet Explorer browser. Google Charts is famed for its visually attractive data graphs. is renowned for its impressive distribution network that streamlines the process of data import and outsource, even to third parties. With its top-notch output quality, it is easy to produce outstanding graphics with


Raw Graphs is a web-based application that serves as a link between data visualization and spreadsheets. With its non-conventional and conventional layouts, Raw Graphs provides robust data security.

By 2027, the Data Visualization market worth is expected to be $19.20 billion. Learning Data Visualization now will go a long way in your career. Learn skills that get you hired by enrolling now with Skill Sigma.



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