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Android Developer Roadmap

With video content and smartphones gaining prominence, the importance of android devices cannot be overridden. It is not about optimizing your webpage for desktop viewing alone but is also about optimizing them for an array of devices primarily run on android. This, in fact, provides certain job security that is only inherent to this sector.

Another factor that drives the android sector is the open-source nature of the Android platform, which makes it a very collective and creative system. Besides, Google helps develop certain common app tasks like sign- in, authentication, storage, location, etc. This helps the developers to focus on core app functionalities.

Hard Skills to prepare yourself for:

Android emulators can be used to develop apps, but finally, you will have to use a real device to test the app. These are certain tools to develop your finetune skills as an android developer.


Java is a powerful programming language that enables Android development. As an Android developer, you need to be comfortable with concepts like lists, loops, variables, and control structures. Learning the intricacies of Java will also help you in developing work-related to back-end development.


SQL basics let you organize databases used within Android apps. SQL queries allow you to retrieve information from databases. Mastering the basics of SQL would let you ask questions from your data.

Android Studio and Android Software Development it (SDK)

Android Studio is the main program used by developers to write code and develop apps using various packages and libraries. Android SDK is another necessary tool and comes free of charge to download. It includes sample codes, coding tools, software libraries, and other programs to test and debug applications.


XML is a markup language that is used to design the user interface and also to structure information. Though Android Studio can perform several tasks of XML, it helps to be well aware of this markup language.

This pretty much wraps up the fundamental tools required to start your android journey. To make a career in android development, start your basics right and gain expertise. The experts at Skill Sigma are here to help you.



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