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4 things you can do to get hired by tech giants

Tech is an ever-evolving and innovative field that offers plenty of job openings and high salaries pretty much every time of the year. In order to ensure that you end up with the right job, you also need to ensure that you make yourself appealing to those companies.

Here is a curated list of 5 tips to get you hired for a tech job.

  1. Research on companies and startups in your city to target job search

    Almost all tech parks and cities have an online index of companies that work on their premises. This helps you to focus on the niche fields and the companies for which you can apply. This is important as you become aware of companies and possible future openings as well. Early-stage startups are also a good place to look out as they offer good compensation to attract a skilled talent pool to help scale their businesses.

  2. Build your own projects

    Doing a full-fledged online program, or finding the right tutorial would help, but nothing helps than a project you had conceptualized and completed independently. This can be an essential showcasing of your work, which ensures that you have made yourself visible to recruiters.

  3. Repurpose your cover letter by personalizing the content

    Consider every company that you apply to as an individual and forward your cover letter to them only after looking at the particular job role and focusing on the skill sets. This is important from the view of a hiring person as this helps them understand that you did a fair bit of research before applying to this position. Even better, understand the language used by the company in the job description and echo it so that you can end up with a higher chance of fetching that job.

  4. Practice for interviews and develop soft skills

    As much as you want to perform and showcase your talent and skillsets, it also requires that you express and communicate clearly throughout the interview cycle. In today's complex job environments, communication is key, and organizations are pacing themselves to hire candidates who are able to communicate openly on the nuances and possibilities of the job.



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