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What are some crucial skills required to become a full-stack developer?

In the professional world, there is no one with as much technical acumen as a full-stack developer. This is owing to their versatility and mobility in traversing between two different aspects of web development: front-end and backend development. And it is for this very reason that full-stack developers are in high demand in every company and brand.

Why this sudden demand for full stack developers?

The explosion of the digital era, COVID-19, globalization and strained geopolitics, and the rise of nationalism have prompted businesses to act dynamically and radically. This leads businesses with no other option but to reevaluate their business choices, including making a dynamic presence online via websites and remodeling their stores through e-commerce portals. This demands websites that are highly functional and interactive in all types of electronic devices.

Who is a full stack developer?

A full stack developer is a professional who is equally expert at frontend and backend development. The frontend of an application or a website is the essential interface of the website or app with which the customers interact. The backend or the server side is where the logic runs, data is stored, and information is retrieved. The combination of several tech stacks together creates a full stack.

Key's skills that can make you a proficient full-stack developer include:

Programming languages

PHP, Java, Python, C, etc. are some of the few languages that a full-stack developer should be proficient in. These languages determine the behavior and the level of interactivity provided by the webpages.

Front-end technology like HTML & CSS

These technologies act as basic building blocks to developing websites. Hypertext Mark-up Language or HTML lets you structure web pages and add content while Cascading Style Sheets or CSS helps with effective presentation of HTML elements.

Git and GitHub:

Git and GitHub are essential tools in collaborating, tracking and storing changes made to source code.

Simple difference between the Git and GitHub

A version control system that lets you manage, keep track of source code history via local servers.


A cloud-based hosting service for managing Git repositories where you can upload, collaborate, and gain acclaim for your code.


We can't imagine an enterprise application without a database. Being a full-stack developer, you will need knowledge of several popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, Redis, etc.


HTTP is a protocol used for facilitating communication between the client and the server. REST essentially acts as an interface between systems using HTTP to obtain/ generate data. REST API acts as a translator for the backend to understand the frontend.

Full-stack developers are experts who are highly skilled in every aspect of web development. This actually puts them in a niche field, distinguishing them from frontend and backend developers. Learn from the experts at Skill Sigma to kickstart your career as a full stack developer.



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