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How to Optimize javascript for a webpage

Making the transition from HTML was important as JavaScript renders websites that are now becoming interestingly interactive and actively engaging users.

The cost of these interactive websites comes in the form of performance and usability issues. JavaScript optimization is important as it helps to find the right mix for your website, which includes less time spent on network transmission and executing scripts and save costs on bandwidth because of code decompression.

Some methods to optimize JavaScript for websites are

Use the Let keyword instead of Var

This is important because using a Let keyword-only declares a block. Following this, the variable is removed from the memory after the execution of the block. If a Var keyword were used, it would be globally scoped and stored in the memory.

Combine JavaScript libraries

A browser is restricted in terms of the number of external connections that it makes to the internet. If multiple JavaScript libraries are used to link your webpage, a quick and easy optimization hack would be to use one library so that it doesn't block loading images and CSS files.

Use the HTTP/2 protocol

Using HTTP/2 is an advantage as it provides great features, including the asynchronous download of JavaScript.

A content delivery network (CDN) for JavaScript If you have a local business, using a local CDN can avoid unnecessary page load time. This is because it will decrease the page load time by using a local server instead of using a global server which increases the delay.

Caching is important

Caching is simply defining a repeatedly accessed object as a user-defined variable and using the variable instead of repeatedly referencing the object, which leads to the wear down of the browser and computer memory. By caching parsing and compilation processes, the startup time for websites visited regularly can be brought down.

Avoid Dead Code

Use tools like Google Closure Compiler, Uglify JS, and Microsoft AJAX Minifier, which are JavaScript optimization tools, can help to clear dead code. These also help in clearing white spaces, commas, and unnecessary comments.

Building sites with a certain discipline in using JavaScript helps to develop and load interactive websites. Kickstart your career coding or master your coding skills from the experts at Skill Sigma.



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