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Upskilling and Reskilling How and Why

There was a time when you could think that the digital is far and that by no chance will you be affected in the near future. But, sorry, that near future is here, it is today, and the digital and the online have entered every facet of your business and profession. It doesn't matter if you are an entity or an individual but upskilling and reskilling are the words of the hour.

Why upskill and reskill?

Traditional businesses and organizations that cannot leverage their digital games will falter in the long run. organizations that wanted to push their digital presence are now feeling even more pressure to upskill their employees. This is because and upskilling provide a return on investment in terms of employee satisfaction and driven competition.

Employee Retention, Talent Shortage, and Digital Divide at the workplace.

Every organization is different in terms of its business requirements, and every employee who has acclimatized to that requirement is an asset. Retaining the right talent is important, as businesses around the world are now struggling to find the right talent. The digital divide is not something that has affected communities alone, but it is also something that affects businesses and the workforce.

Develop soft skills and improve employee engagement

While Gen Z and millennials are pitted to bring more expertise in terms of the internet and social media, a certain faction of the industry believes that these generations might have missed out on the essentials and nuances to tackle the workplace etiquette. This can be largely achieved by providing training for soft skills and software. All these would also help to enhance employee engagement in the organization.

Freelancers are costly

An organization can think of finding a solution for its digital problems by hiring freelancers, but it would also mean that the organization accumulates a lot of additional expenses over time. It would be right oforganizations to look for more sustainable choices like hiring the right employees for a permanent role.

The solution is to do a skill gap analysis

It is an essential assessment by an organization of its current skills and the skills that are required for sustainable growth.

The skill gap analysis can either be done at a departmental or an individual level.

The big HOW to Upskill

Virtual reality and gamification

Besides going for traditional methods of training, new generations of Gen Z and millennials prefer gamification for their training as they find that it makes them happy and tends to be less burdensome. Gamification uses aspects of game-design elements to train and develop employees in non-gaming scenarios.

Good Online Training and Industry Courses and Certifications

A continuous training program is essential for the sustainability of an organization. This can either happen by incorporating senior staff, a professional body, or getting employees enrolled for a professional certification course.

Seminars and Events

  • Useful in determining a correlation between any two variables plotted.
  • Examining a network of audiences and bridging variables to arrive at meaningful insights in statistical behaviour.
  • Examining and tracking trends over a period of time.
  • Determining the pulse and frequency of changes and how often they occur.
  • Data visualization for tracking investments in commodities and stocks.
  • Monitoring and predicting healthcare patterns.
  • Determining optimum shipping routes for logistics.
  • Understanding research data to give meaningful insights into Research & Development.


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