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Fullstack Python Programming

Python is one of the easiest, most popular, and paid programming languages. It is used for AI, IoT, machine learning, cloud automation, and infrastructure automation. A full-stack developer is the master of a variety of skills who can handle the work starting from creating, building, and designing a product through all the engineering stages.

What is full-stack development and the processes in it?

Code for website design, user-friendly web pages, visuals, functionality, and user-centered issues.

Code to develop and maintain web server, application, and databases and receive user input and save it in databases.

What skill sets are required?

A full-stack developer uses popular UI technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. A CSS framework, like Bootstrap,positions elements that make up the site design. Added to this, a popular framework, like Django, and another database, like MySQL, are also used by full-stack developers.

In fact, a full-stack developer uses all the software used by a frontend and backend developer. Full-stack developers also demand that their profession requires them to be innovative and multi-taskers.

Job opportunities

Job opportunities abound for full-stack developers, and it is one of the most in-demand professions across the world. Presently, full-stack developers are witnessing an increase in demand between 20% -50% compared to the last few years.

Current Salary

Besides great job satisfaction, the full-stack developers draw a handsome salary of 5L 6L per annum at entry-level. With upskilling and reskilling, the salary will hike up along with the demand.

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