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The Best Python Libraries for Data Science, and why

If you are reading this, chances are you already understand the superpowers of Python programming and how it catalysis problem-solving for any Data Scientist. Not only is python an easily comprehended language but is also object-oriented with high performance and easy debugging, making it all the more preferable for solving problems with Data Science.

Below is our curated list of python libraries that will further ease your work:


  • Error reduction of up to 60% in neural machine learning
  • Superior graph visualization
  • Useful in image & speech recognition
  • Supports video detection
  • Quick response with precompiled numerical routine functions
  • Superior for object-oriented projects
  • Widely used for data analysis
  • Helps in easy clustering
  • Easy regression
  • Provides dimensionality reduction


  • Helps in building deep neural networks on a tape-based auto grad system
  • Leading in tensor computations

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