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Facebook knows you so well, thanks to Big Data

From friendship anniversaries to flashback photos, to reminding you of a picture from way back, Facebook does an excellent job of personalizing your social feed and profile experience. Besides this, Facebook is also one of the top social media platforms used by many brands for advertising.

Not only has social media democratized content creation, but it has also accelerated innovation and driven cost-saving advertising strategies for global and local brands. The convergence of the many zettabytes of data requires smart data strategies and intelligent API implementations.

Thanks to Big Data, Facebook is harvesting its ability to not only collect and store user data but also foster it for insights that help in determining user behaviour.

Facebook deploys Big Data to perform the following tasks:

  • Tracking users across the web through cookies.
  • Image processing and facial recognition with the help of image data provided by users through social sharing.
  • Facial recognition for suggested tags on images.
  • Highly crucial information such as prediction of personal behaviours, interests, affinity, likes & dislikes, sexual orientation, relationship status, political inclinations, etc., through a deep analysis of likes on posts.

And these are just a few things that suggest how Facebook uses massive installations of Big Data on Hadoop and other open-source platforms to solve real-time problems and make informed business decisions.

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