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How to choose your first programming language?

The truth is there are many programming languages, each having its own characteristics, features, and applications. The choice of programming language would, therefore, depend on what you aim to do with it in the future. Once you are able to decide your future course of action, the decision comes easily.

Once you are able to decide the area of your interest, the options automatically narrow down as each area uses its own programming language and technologies. In case you want to be a web developer, then you have to choose from the two broad fields- back-end development and front- end development. Back-end development is related to the core behind the scene processes, whereas, front-end relates to the visual aspect of a website. And both require different programming languages to create, design, look and manage the website.

As a front-end developer, you would be responsible for everything that the user can see, touch and experience. It would include the graphical user interface with its flashy buttons, images, navigation, menus, etc. Your aim would be to enhance the user's experience. The main languages that the front-end programmer is required to learn are JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. These languages are not difficult to learn and with practice, you would soon be on the go. Back-end developers work on the server-side of the website. It actually is responsible for the website working smoothly. It works on the server-side but communicates with the frontend to ensure everything works fine. They facilitate communication between the presentation layer and the business layer. The popular programming languages for the back-end operations are Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.

Therefore, to find the right programming language is not a very difficult task once you have a long term plan in place. Don't ponder over the choice for too long as languages have similar logic and solve similar problems. Even if you choose to switch from one language to another, learning it will not be difficult, given their similar logical structure.

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