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AI and Machine Learning Predictions

The hype for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is not going to fade away anytime soon. In fact, we can expect more evolution and innovative uses for the same in the year 2019. The executives of leading IT companies have shared their predictions for the coming months.

  1. AI to connect employers and employees: Many companies in the market are already utilizing artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. In 2019, we can see companies delivering the same compelling experiences to their employees as well. Steve Hamrick, VP of product management, SAP Jam
  2. The rise of AI assistants: We often turn to our AI friends Alexa and Siri for simple tasks like to set an alarm, play music, turn on the AC and many more. In the year 2019, AI assistants tend to become an integral part of our lives and carry out more complicated tasks. For example, companies like Kia and Hyundai are planning to build AI assistants in their cars.
  3. In 2019, Machine Learning is to enter into more operational phase than just in backroom experiments. It will now be used in real-time mission-critical, enterprise applications, in industries ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to finance. Monte Zweben, CEO, Splice Machine
  4. In 2019, new types of privacy-aware frameworks will allow healthcare businesses to use AI and ML with the most sensitive patient data, providing new insights for diseases such as cancer and helping with highly personalized drug discovery. Ambuj Kumar, Co-founder and CEO, Fortanix.
  5. Artificial Intelligence is expected to fuel the introduction of new roles and job opportunities in line with company strategies to become more data-driven. Instead of replacing humans to perform jobs, AI will help perform tasks that are normally time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks for employees, enabling employees to focus on more meaningful responsibilities such as analyzing insights and applying quick data-driven decision-making skills to solve problems, developing strategies and people, and more.- Nikita Shamgunov, CEO, MemSQL

These predictions are just a beginning. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning will see more advancements as the technology moves faster with each passing day.



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