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5 Ways to become a better programmer

A better programmer is someone who can write code with fewer defects, familiar with new technologies, and has a strong profile in the local and international development community.

Build something with new technology

Building something with new technology is definitely a great way to up your skill and also you will have tangible proof of your experience and ability with your new technology.

Get a coding buddy

By programming with a fellow coder, you get to know your day-to-day mistakes, enhance problem-solving skills and learn things we don't know or don't understand.

Read high-quality code

Read a good code that's in the domain you are working in as it helps you how to get things done as simply as possible. It helps you keep up with evolving community standards as technology changes. Start with a high-level code and work your way down.

Contribute to open source projects

Contributing to open source projects helps you build a strong profile and creates a great impression on your future employers. It will show that you are a passionate programmer and you will start developing a profile in the global open source community.

Implement a product

Make a complete product, even if it is a minimum viable product, publish it and promote it through your personal profile on LinkedIn or GitHub. It will work great for rounding out your skills with design, UX, security, operations and marketing.

To become a better programmer, you don't need to do all at once. Pick one or two and work your way up.



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