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5 sectors being transformed by AI

Artificial Intelligence and its scope have been the topic of conversation even before the term was properly defined. However, it has only been just over a decade that AI-related transformations have started affecting our lives. Today, the biggest to the smallest of companies are investing in Artificial Intelligence to keep themselves relevant as digital transformation is evolving across various sectors.

Let's have a look at how AI is reshaping these 5 sectors


Analyzing complex medical data, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other such tests can be simplified extensively with the use of AI. Moreover, personalized healthcare is being achieved through the use of AI.


Retail is the sector that is being transformed the most by Artificial Intelligence. It is assisting companies to interact with customers using NLP and speech recognition. Chatbots and virtual customer care assistants are available 24/7 on all major retail companies.


A surprising sector that is going to be transformed extensively by AI is education. The use of AI is starting to make personalized education a reality. It can be used to understand the individual needs and capabilities of a student and teaching can be adapted accordingly.

Banking and Finance

The banking sector is one of the biggest investors in AI. Artificial Intelligence can assist with the simplification of the process of digitization, auditing, and traceability of policy compliance.


The manufacturing industry is likely to be transformed beyond recognition with the use of AI. Artificial Intelligence ensures 24x7 production, eradication of human error, and lowered operation cost.

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