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4 Machine Learning Project Ideas

For enthusiastic learners here are some interesting Machine Learning project ideas. It would be challenging to implement these as they are very relatable and practical. The resources for these are easily available and implementing them can be a good experience for those who are just starting.

Fake news is a reality these days and it can have harmless entertainment value or it can be a mechanism to propagate dangerous ideas. But many times people are indeed influenced in insidious ways to create a false narrative. Therefore, to create an app to detect fake news can be of great service. Here, transfer learning with word embeddings can be used for this purpose. The word embeddings process will produce a numerically efficient way of representing semantic relations. Incorporating such an embedding matrix in a deep learning architecture will help the fake news detectors.

Self Driving Toy Car

Self-driving cars are indeed an upcoming trend and a project on it would be a good learning experience. Self-driving cars are autonomous cars that can sense their environment and move with little or no human intervention. Applications like Raspberry Pi, OpenCV, and TensorFlow can be used for this project.

Desktop Assistant

With the help of Python, you can create an application in your system to do various tasks for you. You can make this assistant search the internet, open and run various applications, sent emails and do similar tasks. A voice-activated desktop assistant can be created with the help of Google's Text-To-Speech and many other online resources.

Text Summarization

Given our busy schedule, this kind of project can be of great use. It can help summarize a bunch of text to create crisp and precise text which would have important points as an output. This project can be easily implemented using Python libraries.

Plant Disease Detection

This can be a great project idea as it would be of great help to our farmers and other plant-related industries. This can be achieved using a convolutional network model with a dataset of plants and training it to detect plant diseases. By analyzing the leaves of a plant we can identify the disease as leaves commonly manifest the symptoms of the disease inflicting the plant.

Start off with these cool project ideas to learn your strengths and weaknesses.

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