Data Visualization with Tableau

Professional training program designed to empower learners to understand and apply core data science concepts across the Data Lifecycle. Course provides a deep dive into data science through
Data Visualization using Tableau

Program Duration

1 month

Daily or weekend

3 – 4 hours per day

Program covers

Data Visualization with Tableau

Detailed course

Data Visualization with Tableau

Introduction to Tableau Desktop

Connecting to Data

Customizing a Data Source
• Filtering Your Data
• Sorting Your Data
• Creating Groups in Your Data
• Creating Hierarchies in Your Data
• Working with Date Fields: Discrete and Continuous Time
• Working with Date Fields: Custom Dates
• Working with Multiple Measures: Dual Axis and Combo Charts
• Working with Multiple Measures: Combined Axis Charts
• Showing Relationships between Numerical Values
• Mapping Data Geographically
• Using Crosstabs: Totals and Aggregation

Using Crosstabs: Highlight Tables
• Using Crosstabs: Heat Maps
• Using Calculations: Customize Your Data
• Using Calculations: Working with Strings, Dates, and Type Conversion Functions
• Using Calculations: Working with Aggregations
• Using Quick Table Calculations to Analyze Data
• Showing Breakdowns of the Whole
• Highlighting Data with Reference Lines
• Create a Dashboard: Combining Your Views
• Create a Dashboard: Add Actions for Interactivity
• Sharing Your Work

Working with a Data Extract
• Joining Tables
• Blending Multiple Data Sources
• Blending Data without a Common Field
• Using Split and Custom Split
• Advanced Calculations: Aggregating

• Controlling Table Calculations
• Showing the Biggest and Smallest Values
• Using Level of Detail Expressions
• Filtering and LOD Expressions
• Using Parameters to Control Data in the View
• Parameters: Swap Measures

Using Sets to Highlight Data
• Advanced Mapping: Modifying Locations
• Advanced Mapping: Customizing Tableau’s Geocoding
• Advanced Mapping: Using a Background Image
• Viewing Distributions
• Comparing Measures Against a Goal
• Showing Statistics and Forecasting: Use the Analytics Pane and Trend Lines Advanced

Dashboards: Using Design Techniques and Filter Actions

Telling Stories with Data

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