Skill Models

A unique model that brings personalized learning using the digital world. The age old Gurukul learning where personalized learning was provided by expert gurus on a chosen field of expertise gleefully mixed with blend of digital learning tools. Access learning from anywhere custom fit just for you from a panel of expert mentors. Choose any technology course from us and design exclusive hourly, daily, weekly or monthly training programs from this course.

Walk into our learning center for your daily or weekly dose of learning. We offer best in class learning experience on a variety of areas ranging from technology, domain, process, quality and personal development.

Do you have a group of colleagues or peers wanting to get skilled in a group?

You are all welcome to visit us or we can deliver your learning dose right at your workplace through our enterprise learning services.

Choose from a detailed list of learning topics that are on offer from us, interact with our facilitation team on the need and decide the program.

With flexible time options to fit in your daily and calendar, we propose learning that complements your priorities and timings.


  • Traditional and most trusted methodology
  • Trainer or mentor will facilitate the session at a chosen location
  • Best suited for focussed groups who are co-located
  • This training model is the most evolved and specially fit for custom and niche technology programs.
  • Infrastructure availability & scalability is easier

Does your time at workplace or college prevent you to attend a training program on your choice?

Does workplace priority and deliverable make it difficult for you learn your favorite skill for career enhancement?

Do you work and study in varying times?

We have experienced all this and designed online training sessions that span throughout the day.

Whatever you do wherever you are and whenever you want kind of learning provided online but best in class mentors. Learning backed up by technology that gives a great classroom experience and hands-on practice.

Check out courses and events, choose your area and simply reach out to us. We have a team awaiting to provide you the most flexible option.


  • Training driven by remote delivery
  • Trainer or mentor will deliver the session through audio visual support.
  • Scalability is easy.
  • Preferred for programs with lesser infrastructure intervention.
  • Mostly used for scattered audience with a common learning objective.

A unique model of anywhere anytime learning.

For learners seeking to learn new skills whether for enhancing job prospects or simply for the flair of learning new things.

Designed for all kinds of learners from beginners to experienced professionals. Learners get to choose from bouquet of skills. Just login to choose your skill area, make the payment and start accessing the course from anywhere, anytime,

Learning courses are pre-designed by a team of expert SME’s on each topic supported a team of learning professionals who make the learning an experience in itself.

We also offer services on custom learning module design and development. Please reach out to our team for more on this.


  • Learning driven by technology
  • Learning modules available OTS or custom designed.
  • High availability and accessibility through remote and mobile media.
  • Preferred methodology where re-usable learning components are required.