R Programming for Analytics & Data Science

Course is a mix of science, information technology and industry domain information.

This course enables all participating learners to start their careers into Data Science. Ideally designed to suit learners to become researchers, analysts or visualizers.

This is a project and hands-on intensive program, all students will run through practical development experience using an integrated data set. Best fit program for tech & non-tech graduates and working professionals to create a new career in their own industry as data analyst.

Program Duration

1 ½ months

Daily or Weekend

3 – 4 hours per day

Program Covers

R Programming

Detailed course

R Programming

Introduction to R
• Math, Variables, and Strings
• Vectors and Factors
• Vector operations

Data structures in R
• Arrays & Matrices
• Lists
• Data frames

R programming fundamentals
• Conditions and loops
• Functions in R
• Objects and Classes
• Debugging

Working with data in R
• Reading CSV and Excel Files
• Reading text files
• Writing and saving data objects to file in R

Strings and Dates in R
• String operations in R
• Regular Expressions
• Dates in R

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